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Last year right after Easter (before the advent of Pinterest) I saw a photo of a wreath that was made of Peeps. My mother loves peeps, so I wanted to make her one, but neither Google nor Pinterest could help me find the exact wreath again. I read through all the different versions I saw, and this is what I came up with for my mom.

I’m pretty sure she loved it since she emailed me a photo of it hanging in her kitchen the very same night. Yea! I liked it too, so I made another one for my house.

This is what you’ll need: green wreath form, Easter ribbon, Peeps in several colors, Easter grass (the plastic kind), tooth picks, a glue gun, and (not pictured) acrylic spray.  You might also want a lock on the door to fight off beggars looking for a spare Peep…

First tie the ribbon around your wreath form.

Using toothpicks, secure the Peeps on your wreath form. I found it was easier to put the toothpick into the wreath form first. I started from either side of the ribbon and worked my way down and around.

Both times I found that I needed to readjust my Peeps to squeeze them in a bit tighter so I could have an even number and pattern all the way around. Feel free to be more free form if you like.

Once they are arranged, you’ll want to spray a sealant on the Peeps. Although Peeps get stale fairly quickly, you want to discourage ants and other bugs from being too interested in your sugary decoration. This is the spray that I found, but if you know of something more industrial, let me know.

Use your glue gun to slowly add a handful of Easter grass at a time to the wreath form, wrapping it around and gluing it on both sides, so it looks like the Peeps are sitting on the grass. The green form is essential here because it will show through, but it will be unnoticeable as long as it is green.

Once you have the grass secured around, you can trim up any stragglers or just let the Peeps party in their wild grass. All that is left is to hang it on the door.

If you make one too I’d love for you to comment and link up, so I can see your handiwork.