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Although the house is decorated some and I’m decked out in green (with my toenails painted orange), my St. Patrick’s Day preparations are a fairly simple this year because tomorrow I will be headed to to Chicago to celebrate with friends and family. I wouldn’t want to arrive empty-handed, however, so I made some easy treat bags and homemade Irish Cream.

Lucky Charm Treat Bags

I was inspired by this post, but I couldn’t get my fonts to line up as well as hers did. So I headed back to Pinterest until I found the Lucky me. Lucky you. printable. The four-leaf clovers came from this website. I intended to cut the card stock down to a shorter width, so it would be closer to the side of the bag. I guess I got too keyed into my embellishments. I cut 2.5″ squares out of patterned paper scraps, layered on the shamrocks, and stuck on a half a “pearl” in the center of each.

Did you know that Lucky Charms are naturally gluten free since they are an oat cereal? Thanks to JustHeather for tipping me off to that. While it is certainly a sugary cereal, there is not any High Fructose Corn Syrup, so I don’t feel too bad about gifting it as a holiday treat. I would like to add some “gold” to the bags as well, but I will likely run out of time to get to the store what with packing and all.

Homemade Irish Cream

It may not be the most accurate recipe, but I just couldn’t bring myself to give something with raw eggs. I searched Pinterest until I found this recipe that is free of eggs and “chocolate syrup” which always tastes fake to me. I had to taste it before I gave it away, and it is quite good! It was also really easy to make. Just throw these ingredients into the blender:

Clearly this is not low calorie or low fat. I cut the whiskey back per the recipe’s suggestion. I also used the mocha via I had left over from when I traveled to a location where I knew I would not be able to obtain decent coffee for several days. (It’s not fabulous, but it’s decent). A double batch filled these two bottles (from the Container Store) perfectly. The labels on the gift tag came from this website. I layered them on card stock, added a shamrock left over from the treat bags layered, and used green fibers to tie around the neck of the bottles. I used old library cards to make the gift tags. I think they are pretty adorable, and the recipients will enjoy them.

I also made some corned beef and cabbage for dinner earlier this week, but that recipe needs a little work.

May you always have walls for the winds,
a roof for the rain, tea beside the fire,
laughter to cheer you, those you love near you,
and all your heart might desire.