The countdown is on for the Super Mario Brothers themed adult birthday party in May. The theme was chosen when I saw this pin.


You can’t have a Mario party without mustaches! I decided to focus solely on Mario and Luigi, although Wario and Waluigi have interesting mustaches as well. First I found photos of their mustaches that I liked. (Using photos of the actual characters will be difficult since their noses cover part of the mustaches). I sized the mustache photos to about 5″ across and printed to make my template.

I decided to use an EVA foam sheet ($.99 at Hobby Lobby) to make it more durable. I got 32 mustaches out of one sheet! At first, I traced my templates onto the foam, but I didn’t like having any remnants of marker on the edges. I just used one mustache as a template to cut around for the next one. I think they started looking better and better as I continued. If your child has washable markers, those might work better for tracing than the blue Sharpie I used.

While cutting the mustaches out of the foam took some time, it was easy to do while chatting with the family and/or listening to the Daily Show. I used my scrapbooking eyelet tool to punch the hold in  the middle of each mustache. I found bendy straws at the Dollar Tree. My sample is a bit mixed up, but I intend to use red-striped straws in red solo cups with the Mario mustaches and green-striped straws in green solo cups with the Luigi mustaches.

How cute is this? $2 for everything I needed for the mustache straws. If you need a hole punch, it might be a bit more.