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I am kind of enamored with my friend Heather’s six year old daughter. Yesterday, Heather tweeted: Radio DJ mentioned Tax Day tomorrow. Lorelai, all excited: “It’s Tax Day tomorrow?! What do we have to do?” I mean, how could I not love the girl that wants to celebrate Tax Day as a holiday? I asked Heather to file an extension with Lorelai until I  could get this post up today. Our kids learn to count money in school, hopefully we model fiscal responsibility, but do you consciously teach your children about taxes – simply what it is rather than the politics of it?

Perhaps my favorite idea for celebrating tax day is to play monopoly as a family. It’s the only board game I know that includes taxes, and it is one of my favorites.

Source: retrowow.co.uk via Sandy on Pinterest

I like this crafty idea for practicing counting money with kids. Plus with the postal service tie-in, it is very applicable to tax day.

Another counting money activity, this can help your child figure out just how many pennies are in a dollar.

Heather posted a round-up of Tax Day freebies, which could provide a way to mark the day as a family.

Our friend Michelle pointed out that beyond counting money, tax day is a good day to practice percentages.

If you want to do a craft with your child, you can make a piggy bank…

…or you could make this wallet for your child.

If you like to celebrate with food, try a money cake with coins baked inside.

Pinterest and Google failed me a bit on grand ideas specifically related to taxes. If you have any, link them up for me. Happy Tax Day! May your refunds come quickly!