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On my Saturday of spray painting, I also started this project. My family is pretty big on piñatas, and this one was just too cute to pass up. I did fill it with candy, but as predicted the adults were not interested in breaking into the piñata – piñata for sale… what will you bid?

I did some price comparison of round piñatas since there were not any all black ones, and I really was not up to making my own. I bought this one at Target.com because it was the cheapest I found at any store. The black spray paint was (I believe) less than a dollar at Lowes.

It did take a couple of coats to fully cover, but it turned out quite well in my opinion. Next time, I will cut the hole out of the piñata before I spray paint it. I used my first chain link to cover the hole, rather than trying to patch it back up. I just stapled it to the piñata. The chain was created by 2″x10″ strips of black card stock. I used two sheets because the birthday boy thought the chain needed to be longer.

I hand cut the mouth of of red tissue paper and the eyes and teeth out of card stock. I tried to make strips of teeth, but ultimately to get the shape I wanted, I had to hand glue each of the teeth on individually. What do you think?