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This is actually a project that I threw together last minute. I’d had it in mind, but didn’t find the right bows until the very last minute. I got four packages of primary color bows (one each of red, blue, yellow, and green) from Hobby Lobby (I’m starting to think they should sponsor me). Rather than buying a wreath form, I used a diaper box and an old hat box as a template.

It took a few attempts to find the right adhesive for the bows to really stick, but I think I ended up with craft glue.

Once I got the bows all the way around the wreath “form”, I tied a “celebrate!” ribbon that I had picked up at Dollar Tree (who should also sponsor me).

For the Mario Brothers party, I grabbed a free Mario font, printed an M which just happens to be the birthday boy’s initial also, and just used scotch tape to attach it to the door. The hardest part of the entire project was finding the best way to adhere the bows to the cardboard!