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It all started from the idea of the cake. An 8-bit Mario made out of 143 mini cupcakes. Icing the cupcakes is what took the longest, but overall, it wasn’t so difficult. I substituted blue for his eye rather than black because I liked it better. (No one noticed).

I have two amazing friends who helped me pull this all together.
Katie made this amazing Rice Krispie treat because Rice Krispie treats are totally her thing; she makes some amazing creations. Notice our lovely Luigi-inspired party attire? Click through to find out how to make your own Mario photo frame.
by Katie And her kind boyfriend made and iced the cookies for the party favors. Here is a pdf of the Game Over tags for you to use as soon. (I’d love link backs if you blog about it)
Somehow Mina escaped the camera, so I’ll share a photo of her husband Josh instead.
Mina has an old Italian recipe for marinara and meatballs. Best marinara and meatballs EVER! Not only does it fit for the Italian plumber theme, but it also happens to be the birthday boy’s favorite meal.

Along with the spaghetti & meatballs, we served a “Toadstool and Friends Salad”
with “Yoshi egg dressing” – those are just slices of cucumber on top of the salad dressing, served in a gravy boat to be more egg-shaped.
Did you notice the green pipes that held the utensils as well as served as decoration? We also filled one with gold coins.
There were (chocolate) gold coins spread all over my house! It certainly helped with the Mario feel! Katie and Mina got the tables ready while I was finishing up juicing the strawberries and lemons for the “Princess Peach Pink Lemonade” and cleaning up from the failed pin.
We also had Strawberry “Cloud Salad” and a variety of choices for “Bowser’s Fire Brew”
Behind Bowser, you can see a jar of Mario fruit snacks (because they were on sale) and Yoshi Eggs.
I just used green glitter paint and white easter eggs to make these. Don’t forget the chain chomp piñata that was never broken,
the birthday wreath,
or the Mario mustache cups!
I hope you can tell that we had a great time, despite the fire….

More PDFs for your use: Mario Party food labels and Bowsers Fire Brew sign

P.s. If you haven’t seen my new header, you should check it out!