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Every first birthday party needs baby photos. I liked the idea here of a guessing game of how old baby is in each photo month by month, but I knew our guests wouldn’t really participate. Instead, I used mommyinthemidwest as my “pinspiration”. Everything I needed for this project I already had at home, but if you don’t the supplies are fairly inexpensive. The most expensive part will be the patterned paper. I had a slab of patterned papers that pretty closely matched my color theme of lime, orange, and light blue.

The first step was choosing the height and width of the triangles for my bunting, which I did based off of the slab of papers that I had. I created a triangle template in pages then adjusted each of my photos behind the triangle to make sure the baby’s face fit how I wanted it to. (Here is the triangle I created: bunting template) I turned all the photos to black and white in iPhoto. There is plenty of color in the patterned paper, and I wanted the focus to be on his adorable face. I printed each picture with the triangle, so that I could cut the photo out using the triangle guide and cutting all of the background out. I did leave the hands holding him in one or two, but mostly the photos are just the baby. The triangles also had to be cut by hand, but maybe you can figure out how to cut the correct angles with your paper cutter.

Once I had the photos and the triangles cut out, I simple glued them together. My bunting is hung on a line made of three threads of embroidery floss (lime, orange, and light blue) twisted together. I used a large needle to simple “sew” it all into one line. Notice, that some of the photos are sized in a different place on the triangle. The majority are at the bottom, but some fit better a little higher. I like that it’s not all exactly the same.

For the party, I hung it over the french doors behind the dining room table (where all the food would be). After the party, I moved it to the baby’s room because it is too adorable not to keep around as long as possible.