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The Monster theme was actually inspired because thee of his first gifts were monsters. He got his first Ugly Doll at his half birthday party. These cupcakes were patterned after the Ugly Dolls. The original plan was only to make these cupcakes…

but the gluten-free cake mix box seriously underestimated how many cupcakes could be made from one box (it’s 24 not 12), so I made a cake as well. Since it wasn’t planned, I didn’t get too creative on decorating the cake.

Luckily the fondant recipe I used was huge (even though I nearly halved it). Even after the cake, all these cupcakes, and a 40th birthday party cake, I still had some left over. I was intimidated, but the fondant was pretty easy to work with, and it had a great flavor.  It is best served fresh. It got harder as the leftover cupcakes waited to be eaten, but the fondant that had waited in the refrigerator for the 40th birthday cake tasted really fresh and soft because, although three days later it had been freshly rolled and cut out. The eyes were made by Wilton.

Obligatory Baby Eating Cupcake At First Birthday Party Photo

I made “slime punch” from this recipe. I used all natural ginger ale which I love because I don’t believe in high fructose corn syrup. I also drastically cut the sugar. I maybe added half a cup. Next time I would half the amount of orange juice. I considered floating the rest of the Wilton eyes in the punch or making marshmallow eyes to float, but I wasn’t sure how well they would last.

The monster cups are just paper cups from Walmart ($.97 per package) with googly eyes glued on. Fun, easy, and a way to add more monsters to our party!

I also served monster pizza and watermelon, pineapple, and blueberries with a monster-shaped watermelon (with marshmallow eyes).

Pictures marked “photo by DKP” were taken by Danese Kenon.