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There was more to this monster bash than just the monsters I made, the first birthday bunting, and the monster food and drink.

I made a centerpiece by picking out the cereal with the right color scheme for the party and displaying with a 1 candle. I used cereal because it is less expensive than candy – at least to get the right colors – and the birthday boy could actually eat it if he wanted.

Can you tell I think a color scheme is really important? Even the flowers matched the color scheme – lime green flowers!

There were balloons in all three colors. I’d intended to hang them, but I ran out of time so they were floor decorations and toys.

I couldn’t resist adding more googly eyes to my gift for the birthday boy. I also displayed his scrapbook (even though it’s not a monster theme). I caught one or two people looking through it.

I think everyone got into the theme because most of his gifts were monsters as well (not pictured: monster bowling)

And perhaps most importantly, I hired Danese Kenon to photograph the event, so I get the gift of fabulous photos to frame for my family wall.