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Today is Flag Day in the United States. Whether you just need to figure out what is for dinner or you want to start to teach your kids about history and patriotism, today is a great day to celebrate. I don’t have too much special planned, but I am on the hunt for a patriot wreath idea. None I have found really grab me. Do you have favorite patriotic wreaths you could link me to?

You might need dinner plans for tonight or you might just want to practice all the patriotic pins before you take them to the Fourth of July gatherings. Flag day is a great excuse to practice your red, white, and blue recipes. I cannot wait to try this recipe for roasted Red peppers, White feta crumbles, and Blueberry balsamic reduction burgers from DietsInReview. I also like this flag shaped fruit kabobs display made with blueberries, bananas, and strawberries. Judging by how many times it has shown up in my stream, I think a lot of people are eager to try this Independence Punch. Your kids just might think you’re amazing.

photo from Big Bear’s Wife

The most educational thing to do on Flag Day is to read up on the history of Old Glory. Wikipedia will walk you through all kinds of things from flag etiquette to proper display to folding for storage. My favorite part of reviewing information on the Stars and Stripes via wikipedia was looking at the three potential layouts for a 51-star flag. Which is your favorite? I also liked looking at the similar flags. As the Olympic Games are approaching, you might want to be on the lookout for those similar flags.

Keep kids busy putting beans into a jar to create this simply lovely centerpieceHere is a easy flag project that most kids can do; all you really need is colored paper and glue. Oriental Trading Company has a lot of patriotic crafts, decorations, and supplies. The patriotic star tabletop decoration is a free pdf if you already have the supplies on hand. You might want to order other crafts now to get ready for the Fourth. My favorite craft was the color your own patriotic pinwheels. If kids are excited enough, you may be able to rope them into all the crafts you have planned to prepare for the Fourth of July.

Flag day isn’t just about the Stars and Stripes either. Today is a good opportunity to learn about your state flag, your city flag, or flags from around the world. Activity Village has an extensive list of flag printables, which include coloring pages, bookmarks, and more. This is something I am pinning to use in the future! With the Olympic Games just around the corner, you will be seeing lots of different flags. It is fun to be able to identify them and interesting to learn the history of each. Here is one place you can buy miniature flags from around the world.

I’d love to hear how you are celebrating Flag Day and if you have any great links to share with the rest of us!