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There were dogs in costumes….(Check out “Vader” dressed as an Ewok)

… and dogs not in costumes.

There were people in costumes….

… but I opted for the “Support Our Troops” t-shirt…

…and Leia-inspired hair style.

All of the food had Star Wars Names (PDF for your use: Star Wars food labels).

I think “Padawine” and “Boba Fett Brew” were my favorite Star Wars names by “Droid Popper” was pretty good too. “Jabba the Cupcake” was the most popular food item hands down. I wish I could give credit to someone for this idea, but I never could find an original source for the photo. We took the photo to The Flying Cupcake, and they reproduced it for us on gluten free cupcakes!

Guests even brought themed food to share.

There were Star Wars toys, movies, and decorations everywhere…

… and of course there were light sabers.

I made these with pool noodles (in our party theme colors of course)….

… cut in half with a serated knife, which was SO easy!

The handles were made with duct tape, electrician tape, and Sharpee by some sweet teens that showed up early. You can be as creative and detailed or as simple as you want with this part. We ended up with a variety of different handles.

This may be the best photo from the entire afternoon!