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Throwing a group effort party was awesome! Heather was in charge of food, so I knew it would all be gluten-free. Of course there were cupcakes.

Did you know that Doritos are now gluten-free? Doritos in a pink bowl fit right into our party colors.

There was a chocolate fountain with all the fixings, including pink Rice Krispee treats! I think she did an amazing job on presentation.

Heather had the awesome idea to make individual cheesecakes in baby food jars (recipe here). Adorable, right?

I think stemware feels much fancier than paper or plastic cups so I wanted to use them, which worked out perfectly for Heather’s cotton candy cocktails. The cotton candy was courtesy of the Indiana State Fair. The stem tags were made using this template.

Heather had both Perrier and champagne to make either version of the cotton candy cocktails. The different colors of cotton candy gave the cocktails different shades.

I failed to get a picture of the Chex mix or the yummy cheese and meat plate that Emily  brought – I guess I was too busy eating by that point. Thank you, yet again, to everyone who contributed!