Halloween is a favorite holiday around here. Other than the whole tree thing, we probably have as many decorations for Halloween as we do for Christmas. I’ve been tempted to just photograph all the decorations we have to share with you, but they really aren’t things that I crafted. Maybe that is what instagram is for….? I have been working on a really fun project for Creative Converting, so hopefully I can share that and the projects that go with it soon. If you’ve been following me on twitter, you may have seen some hints 😉

While we love the skulls and spiders and scary stuff, I’m not huge on candy. Trick or Treaters are more likely to find toys and pretzels than candy bars at my house. My most amazing assistant, on the other hand, loves candy and deserves all kinds of treats, so I buy the seasonal goodies for her. I think festive wrapping can make anything more special – even just a couple of bags of M&M’s.

I found the awesome printable tags (free) here. I just printed on plain paper and used my circle cutter to make them into tags. I used the extra ribbon from my spider webs wreath to really make it pretty. I taped the end of the ribbon to just inside the bag, then cut off a triangle at the right length. Adhesive dots attached the tag to the ribbon and the bag, holding everything in place. Repeat on the opposite side. I had everything needed on hand, so it only took a few minutes to turn a boring bag of candy into a festive thank you gift.