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I consider myself more of a “party girl” than a crafter, but Pinterest makes me think that I can do things. Real crafters I am sure already have all of their Christmas crafts completed, but I am not a real crafter. In an attempt to keep myself motivated, here is my hopeful to do list for Christmas crafts.

1. Stocking Identification – this pin was my inspiration to create vertical names for each household member using Scrabble tiles. Thanks to Heather I almost have all the letters I need. I think I am just missing an L. If you find Scrabble at a thrift store, I will take it off your hands. I need to make sure I have enough twill tape as well.

2. Vintage Light Wreath – Last year I tried to use my large, “vintage” Christmas lights in a vase, but things started getting melty very quickly. I already have the wreath frame for this, so I just need to pull the lights out.

Source: realsimple.com via Jules on Pinterest

This idea failed:

Source: buzzfeed.com via Kaila on Pinterest

3. Wool Felt Mistletoe – I thought I was going to make this…

…but then I found this at one of my favorite stores, where I just happened to have two birthday gift cards.

4. Advent Calendar – As I am writing this post, I am already reconsidering… I thought I was going to tell you that I was going to make this with the stack of library pockets that I have. I even bought some half-off felt embellishments at Hobby Lobby today.

Something like this is really more ideal (sturdy)….

… but then I found this on Etsy. I may just keep watching Etsy to see if someone makes one that is perfect for me… or I might buy this one.

by VintageModernMix

Either way, I need to come up with a list of 24 fabulous family holiday activities to fill the advent calendar, so send your best ideas my way!

5. Gift Topiary – This is a maybe if I happen to find the right items on sale. It just looks like fun.

I have been ill this week, so I did not get a Dia de los Muertos post up in time, but I did get this accomplished. I’ll do a how to post next year before Day of the Dead. Hopefully, I can have better supplies on hand.