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HPG book page bunting at Indy Reads Books

When my friend Katie posted the announcement about her unexpected pregnancy, I wanted to find a way to help her get a little more excited about what was to come. Parties are what I do, right? So Heather jumped on the bandwagon to help plan another shower for another Indy Geek Girl.shopping at Indy Reads BooksAt Katie’s request we kept it low key, focusing on her request to borrow maternity clothes. Borrowing and lending led to the “library” theme for our party. We were happy to be able to have the party at the beautiful Indy Reads Books, so they set the color scheme. It also allowed us to do some early Christmas shopping pre and post party ($1 each for kids books!).

HPG Once Upon A Time book party table

Just like the last shower, I worked on decorations and Heather made the food. Indy Reads Books doesn’t require much decoration, so I did not have much to do. Making the banners was pretty easy, although it took a little time.

HPG book page bunting

I went to Goodwill to find the most yellowed book they had. I used a paper cutter to cut from each top corner to the center of the bottom of the page, turning each into a triangle. I used the American Typewriter font, cutting out and pasting the letters to the bunting. A standard hole punch and twine were the only other things I used.

HPG bookmark favors

For favors, I attached bookmarks made out of paperclips and ribbon to old library cards with a Stampin’ Up stamp.

HPG bookworm party favors

I also made little tags for gummy “bookworms”.

HPG book for Katie

Other than shopping (and chatting), our major activity was writing notes for Katie – encouragement; predictions about height, weight, birth date, and gender; and helping her re-vision her future and her family.



Heather used books to help set the menu (again all gluten free), which made food labels easy to make.

HPG book themed menu labels