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I love football; I mean, I love football. Mondays, Thursdays, and at least two games on Sundays. I certainly believe football season is worth celebrating. Last year my AFC team (Indianapolis Colts) and my NFC team (Chicago Bears) went head to head for opening Sunday. Creative Converting offers several football lines that I enjoyed mixing and matching to create the party atmosphere that was right for us. The detail in the Touchdown Time and Team Sports Football lines make me smile every time I see the texture on the printed goods. Of course the kids enjoyed the Pom Poms more than anything else. It was fun to watch them choose their favorite team (or color) and try to determine the right time to say “touch down”, “first down”, or “go Blue!”. Add a little printed tag and the Pom Poms make awesome party favors for everyone to take home with them. The plastic White and Black Tablecover that easily caught the guacamole and queso spills might have been my second favorite part.

HPG football tablescape

I definitely think decorations do a lot to set the theme and atmosphere for a party, but the food is essential to a football party, especially if we plan to stretch from the early game to the afternoon game. A crockpot of chili, popcorn, and chips and dip are easy foods for both grabbing on a commercial break and eating in front of a television. Most of my friends and I are gluten free, but corn tortilla chips are always a hit. The football dip tray gives everyone their favorite dip whether it is guacamole, salsa, or queso. Tip: to draw the lines for the football field, I put sour cream in a plastic zip bag, cut off the corner, and used it like a cake decorating squeeze bag. I also like to make my own salsa which makes things a bit chunkier (and scrumptious). For the Super Bowl I made a large football shaped cocoa Rice Krispee treat, but individual sized footballs would work better for a party.

HPG Football field dip tray

I know not everyone will celebrate the NFL weekly like I do, but as you look forward to the playoffs and the Super Bowl, you have time to practice all your favorite football recipes. If we can plan a menu that accommodates everyone’s food allergies and preferences for organic food, you can too. Football season does not have to sideline healthy eating, even if you are celebrating every week like I do.

This post was originally written for the Party People blog. Creative Converting provided the party decorations, but the football fever is all my own.