There are no words, but I am going to try to put together a few. My friend Katy lost her infant daughter suddenly this week. She will never plan a 1st birthday party for Shaundi. She will never plan a baby shower for this daughter. She will always feel that her family is incomplete. There is no “theme” to grief or a theme for this blog. I will wear black to the memorial unless Katy requests something else. We want it to be a celebration for all of the celebrations we will never have. The Indy Geek Girls have already rallied around providing all of the food and more. This weekend kitchens all over the city will be baking cookies and tangibly showing #LoveForShaundi I have been so amazed to see the community surround this family. We intend for cooking and cleaning to be taken care of them for months, but the cost of medical bills and funeral costs are staggering. So many have already contributed to a fund. Would you consider doing so also? No amount is too small because it all adds up. You can donate here.