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I prefer to say that I am frugal and flexible because it has a better connotation than “cheap and easy”. I prefer to make my own wreaths rather than buy them. I find friends to decorate amazing cakes for me rather than going to an expensive bakery (it saves a ton of money to have talented friends!). Gift wrap is kind of a thing for me… The Christmas presents that go under our tree are all in brown paper with ribbons and bows.

candy cane heart gift wrapI try to knock out all of my wrapping at the annual Cosmo Moms wrapping day, but the office party this year is very early in the season. It’s a Thursday night (after the kid is in bed) and I have six presents (each including multiple items) to wrap before showering and getting to bed. I knocked it out rather quickly though with lunch sacks (I found them much less expensively at Target), left over ribbon, and a hole punch. The tag is cut from last year’s Christmas cards. Wrapping for approximately half a dollar.

cheap and easy gift wrap in a paper sack