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My favorite part of this party was the “Sugar High Sushi” made from Rice Krispie treats, fruit leather, and candy. Rice Krispie treats remind me of my grandmother. I have her recipe in her handwriting framed and hanging in my kitchen right by my stove – which was handy as I was making so many batches after midnight the night before the party.

bulk rice krispies

I ordered the Gluten Free Rice Krispies and mini marshmallows in bulk from Amazon. I used three entire boxes of Rice Krispies and part of the fourth. We only had a few left over pieces and they were all gone by the next morning. Rather than pushing the Rice Krispies, marshmallows, and butter into a pan, I created rolls in parchment paper, dividing each batch into 2-3 rolls, depending on how large you want your sushi pieces.

candy sushi cutting guideOnce the Rice Krispie treat logs were solid, I cut them into pieces using a serrated knife. The ends looked more like the oval rice rolls used to make nigiri, and they laid nicely when cut in half to give a flat edge. Then it was time to make them look like sushi.

sugar high sushi

Obviously Swedish Fish were an important staple. I tied some fish on using Strawberry rope candy (warning: this is not gluten free). I used the darkest fruit leather I could find (since dried seaweed is black) rather than trying for a neon green. To make the fruit leather stick (even though it is a little sticky), it has to be heated. I kept a tray in my oven set to warm while working. I tore the pieces into the size I wanted, then pressed them onto the Rice Krispee treats.  candy sushi close upTo create candy caviar, I tried to make paleo (blueberry) gum drops, but I wasn’t satisfied with the consistency, so I rolled some of the extra mini marshmallows in black food dye. 
candy sushi

There were at least two additional trays of Sugar High Sushi – it was popular stuff! If you notice, in the bottom right hand corner, though, after several hours the red ropes untied as they dried out.  Ninjago Green Ninja cake with fondantHeather has decorated some amazing cakes for us (John Deere Two and Half a Death Star) but I kind of like working in fondant. I use the recipe from A Spicy Perspective that consists of a package of melted mini marshmallows, a package of powdered sugar, shortening or butter to keep things from sticking, a bit of almond extract (my preference), and a bit of water. I free-handed all of this to create the Green Ninja from Ninjago per the birthday boy’s request.

One batch was enough to create two Green Ninja cakes and decorate three cupcakes for one of my favorite birthday traditions – a special cupcake with candles. We even do it for adults. There was even still enough fondant left over for me to snack on all day the next day – yum.

birthday cupcake 7I did also use the paleo gum drop recipe to make mango Lego mini figures using this mold, but I forgot them in the freezer… We served Golden Dragon Scales (tortilla chips) and Fire Sauce (salsa), a fruit dragon made with strawberries, blueberries, and mango inspired by this that the kids ate before I could get a photo, and Salted Numchucks (pretzel sticks), along with Golden Ninja Nectar (lemonade), water, and Sensei (Wu) wine for the adults.

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