When I first set up my blog, I wrote this for my “About” page:

I love a good theme party. Pinterest is the platform I have been waiting for my entire life. Perhaps I should have been a Kindergarten teacher (I was an aide briefly)… I see celebration as an important part of life and fun as important to staying sane. We try to decorate and celebrate as many holidays as we can. Documenting our theme parties and the crafts I attempt (I have no skill) will only make it more fun for me.

While I don’t blog nearly enough, you know that we celebrate everything from Cinco de Mayo to half birthdays to house-warmings. We even have birthday parties for the dog and make special treats for visiting The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I haven’t gotten around to blogging the “primavera” I made for the first day of Spring, the pie we ate on Pi Day or even our celebration of the Ides of March. A lot of these “smaller” holidays may simply be focused on what we eat, but we still find a way to celebrate. For Mardi Gras I make king cake and we eat creole from our favorite Yats; but my son’s school taught him that we also need to have pancake races and lots of lots of beads. Luckily, they hurt less when you step on them than Lego’s do.

Recently, I was invited to beta test a new app from Studio 27 called Allidays, described on iTunes with:

Turn a boring day into a celebration with a holiday for all your days. Allidays features fun and quirky holidays every day of the year, with options to share your favorites with friends or add an event to your personal calendar.

I now have Waffle Day added to my calendar. We had chicken for dinner on poultry day, and an early morning text from a friend on Single Parents Day was lovely. I haven’t told my son that March 23rd is National Chip and Dip Day, but he is going to be THRILLED. I truly do believe that celebration is an important part of life and fun is important to staying sane. I am looking forward to adding more holidays and celebrations to our calendar with the help of Allidays.

You can download Allidays for FREE on iTunes. I would love if you used it to tweet me some of your favorites and we can celebrate together. Let’s make every day special with Allidays!

I was provided a pre-release version of Allidays for testing purposes. All opinions on life, apps, celebrations, and parties are my own.