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Activities are Essential at a children’s birthday party. Even with several things plotted, I still clearly needed more. Heather once put on a movie while the children ate which I should have learned from. I am generally opposed to watching and eating, but it probably would have rounded things out perfectly.

origami ninja stars

One thing I did learn from Heather is to start out with a craft to keep the kids busy until everyone arrives. I folded close to 60 origami ninja stars for kids to decorate using the directions from Basic Gray. Simply coloring them probably was not intricate enough to keep them busy as long as I would have preferred. My tip is to use printer paper, cut half an inch from the long side to make the paper 8″x11″ then cut two inch strips across the paper in landscape, giving you five 2″x8″ strips per page (you will have an 1″x8″ strip left over). You need two strips for each star, so I cut two pages at a time.

ninja star toss

After decorating their ninja stars the kids got to practice throwing them (into a bucket). Since they were made out of printer paper, it was not an easy task. They each tried several times.

Ninja obstacle courseNext was the ninja obstacle course. My brother taped crepe paper strips for the kids to crawl over and under. It was the perfect time to remind the kids that ninjas are stealthy and silent. They each took several turns before it all came down. 
birthday boy ninja photo booth

Next, we posed with the ninja photo booth using the Ninjago golden weapons props, signs, and Sensei Wu’s beard. I don’t really have the set up to print out photos for the kids as party favors which would have been super fun, but I did share all of the photos with their parents. I hope the kids love them as much as I do. I mean, how cute are these kids?!

Ninjago photo booth

I also challenged the kids to chopstick races, picking up as many beans as they could with chopsticks in 30 seconds. My phone was busy with the timer, so I didn’t snap any photos. I got everyone their own bamboo chopsticks as another favor, but they were too difficult for the kids so I got out the dinosticks for the races. birthday party plates

Finally, it was time to eat all of the party food! I didn’t have enough chairs, so I had them sit on the floor. This would have been the perfect time to show an episode or two of Ninjago.

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