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creepy carnival sign

Of course, decorating for Christmas is always special and full of magic and memories, but decorating for Halloween is probably my second favorite. Not everyone wants a skeleton hanging from their chandelier, but I love it! I was pretty excited to find some easy crafts that anyone could use to decorate their own home or a haunted house when previewing The Children’s Museum Guild’s 51st Annual Haunted House: Creepy Carnival. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis does such a great job decorating for holidays, but many of their fabulous decorations would be difficult to reproduce.

spooky light table clothes

I may have to borrow the idea of hanging a spooky table cloth over lights for my family room. I really like the look of this one, but I like the rough edges on the ones the Museum Guild Witches used. pool noodle haunted house maze

What can’t you do with pool noodles? Hang several from the ceiling and you have a disorienting maze to push through.

Creepy Carnival

“Creepy Carnival is the perfect combination of creepy and colorful. We are excited about staying true to an ‘old time’ authentic carnival and offering a thrilling and chilling experience for children of all ages,” said Haunted House Head Witch Kristin Crisp. There are three ways to enjoy the Creep Carnival:

  1. IPL’s LIghts-On Hours for children who scare easily
  2. Defender Direct’s Frightening Hours with the lights off for children who dare to be scared
  3. William’s Comfort Air’s Xtreme Scream late nights for teens, adult, and brave tweens.

creepy carnival photo booth

Get times and ticket information here. Don’t forget to check out Bat Encounter when visiting the museum. You might want to sign up for the Black Hat Bash or Black Hat Dash too. The Children’s Museum is offering so many ways to get your kids in on the fun and frights of Halloween.


My family and I were invited to a free preview of The Children’s Museum Guild’s 51st Annual Haunted House.

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