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What Mario theme party would be complete without green pipes? A quick trip to your local hardware store is all you need for this easy decoration.

I chose three pvc piping connector pieces that I thought would look nice. I chose them based on look, but also based on price. There is a wide variety of prices and options, depending on size and more. I also grabbed a can of green spray paint. That’s all you will need, although a drop cloth helped.

On Saturday, in between catching up with work and cleaning the house, I sprayed three coats of spray paint on these little guys. I also sprayed something for another project for this party, and I spray painted a lamp for my new office. It was a productive day.

I have several ideas of how I will use these at the party. They are probably not large enough to hold snacks, but they could hold decorative Yoshi eggs. They could also be used to hold fresh flowers, plastic ware, or napkins. Regardless, they will be an easy decoration for my Mario Brother’s theme.